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KSP Air SUP 10`

ca. 1 Woche ca. 1 Woche (Ausland abweichend)
690,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

KSP’s Air-Sup is designed and made to be used everywhere, by everyone.

Characterized by two PVC layers and internal reinforcements, this board can be inflate until 16 psi, so to grant much stability. So the SUP results to be the most reactive and easier to ride.

All the boards are made with the latest high resistance PVC V-DROP wovens, in which filaments between PVC layers are built with a latest generation system named Aerosol, that offers a best bond between wovens filaments and outward layers; this assures an elevate endurance to the stress on a long period.

These special wovens named Aerosol HTPD, are the only one that have been tested so to resist until 3 inflation pressure bars. They’re used however with a 1,5 average inflation bars. More pressure means rigider forms, that can maintain their original form in every moment so to avoid deformations and grant the best performance in all the conditions.  


Using the two laterals 7 cm fins and the central one of 19 cm (put together with a removable US box), the board maintains a good cruising bearing and at the same time a good manoeuvrability on small waves (1-2 metres).

Really stable board with an absolute stiffness (thanks to its new building technology), in flat water even to surf the waves.


Available size:

10' = 305 x 80 x 10cm
11' = 335 x 87 x 10cm

Included in the package
- Air-Sup
- Paddle
- Bag
- Pump
- Repair-kit